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Sales, Marketing, Business Management

At The Perennial Group, we pride ourselves on our differentiated sales/marketing and management divisions, which offer a host of unique benefits. By focusing on generating revenue, our sales/marketing team spearheads dynamic strategies to maximize growth opportunities and drive unparalleled results. Simultaneously, our dedicated Management team oversees operations with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to create an environment conducive to our vendors' long-term prosperity.

This division of labor allows us to operate with exceptional focus and efficiency, better meeting customer needs and enhancing overall accountability for results. We are committed to going above and beyond, continuously striving for excellence in all aspects of our operations. With a seamless integration of sales and management expertise, The Perennial Group serves as a trusted partner, propelling our vendors towards sustained success and achieving their business objectives with utmost precision and dedication.

Our Channel's

  • Airport Stores 

  • Amazon and other on-line retailers

  • Consumer Goods Stores

  • Convenience Stores

  • Department Stores

  • Dollar Discount Channel

  • Drug Stores

  • Home and DYI Centers

  • Military Exchanges

  • National and Regional Electronics Stores

  • National and Regional Mass Merchants

  • Office Stores

  • National and Regional Pet Stores

  • Specialty Retail

  • Sporting Goods Stores

  • Supermarkets

  • TV Shopping Channels

  • Wholesale Clubs


Experience the Perennial Group Advantage: 
our specialized services cater to your every business need

Omni Channel Coverage: seamless coverage for both Brick & Mortar and E-Commerce customers. We understand the evolving retail landscape and tailor strategies to maximize your presence across all channels.

Amazon Account Management: As e-commerce giant Amazon continues to shape the market, our expert team can navigate its complexities on your behalf. 

Video Production for TV Shopping Channels: Capture the attention of TV shopping channel audiences with our top-notch video production services. From compelling B-Roll footage to engaging visuals, we craft content that elevates your brand and drives sales.

Live TV Airing Support: Prepare for success with our comprehensive live TV airing support services. We offer media training to ensure your brand shines on-screen, production assistance for flawless execution, and studio rental options to create a professional broadcasting environment.

Web Development, Packaging, and Graphics: Enhance your online presence with our web development services, creating user-friendly and visually appealing websites that captivate customers. We also excel in packaging design, display creation, and logo and graphics development to make a lasting impression.

Executive Management as Sales Managers: Tap into the expertise of our executive management team, who can serve as valuable additions to your sales force. Benefit from their wealth of experience and strategic insights to drive growth and maximize sales potential.

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