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Bob Nuzie


Bob possesses an illustrious Business background, having held pivotal roles at esteemed companies such as Canon USA and Sanyo. His expertise extends further as he served as a corporate officer with Soundesign (SDI Technologies/ihome. Additionally, Bob's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Orion Advanced Marketing, a manufacturer's rep organization based in Chicago. Notably, Bob's exceptional leadership and business acumen culminated in the successful sale of Orion Advanced Marketing in 2006, paving the way for his visionary venture, The Perennial Group.

One of Bob's strengths lies in his ability to craft and execute highly effective go-to-market strategies. He has proven himself adept at empowering both start-up companies and established brands seeking expansion. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, Bob consistently identifies opportunities, propels growth, and drives success. His strategic insights and innovative approach have made him a sought-after figure in the industry, admired for his unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable results.

Mike May

Chief Sales Officer

Mike has dedicated the majority of his career to the dynamic realm of Consumer Products, where he has consistently excelled. Notably, as Brand Manager at Tactica International, a prominent player in the As Seen On TV industry. In this capacity, Mike showcased his skills in driving brand success and maximizing market presence. Later, Mike assumed the role of Vice President of Sales at Q Marketing Group, where he played a key role in propelling the company's growth and expanding its national accounts. Mike's expertise extends beyond traditional sales and account management, to include knowledge and experience in the direct response and mail order catalog businesses. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for identifying untapped opportunities, Mike has consistently surpassed expectations and achieved results throughout his career. His passion for consumer products, coupled with his exceptional strategic acumen, make him a highly sought-after professional in the field. As one of the visionary founders of the Perennial Group, Mike has been instrumental in shaping the organization's trajectory and driving its success.

Gary Moritz

Chief Operating Officer

Gary made a significant impact when he joined The Perennial Group in 2017, bringing with him an impressive career in Sales and Marketing within the consumer goods and consumer electronics industries. His extensive experience and expertise have solidified his position as a true authority in the field. Gary's journey includes holding leadership positions such as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Recoton Corporation, Director of Sales for Gibson Guitars, and Vice President of Business Development for both First Act and BlueFlame. In these influential roles, he successfully managed national sales teams and forged strong relationships with major national and regional retailers and distributors across the United States and Canada. With an ability to understand market dynamics and consumer behavior, Gary has consistently delivered outstanding results. His strategic acumen and innovative thinking have propelled brands to new heights of success. Moreover, his proficiency in navigating complex sales landscapes and nurturing key partnerships have made him a trusted partner for industry leaders. Gary's dedication and commitment to client satisfaction have earned him an informed reputation in the industry. As a key member of the Perennial Group, Gary continues to make significant contributions, driving growth and success for the organization and its clients alike.

Curt Vasterling

Vice President National Accounts

Curt is an industry veteran with a career spanning many years in the realm of consumer goods. His extensive expertise in management, marketing, and sales makes him an invaluable asset to the Perennial Group. Curt's contributions have extended to global platforms. As the Senior Director of Global Sourcing for Radio Shack, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's sourcing strategies on an international scale. Additionally, as the Senior Sales Director of Hannspree Monitors & TVs and VP of Merchandizing for DreamGear, Curt showcased his skills and strategic vision, driving both brands to new heights of success. Curt's influence goes beyond management. He has spearheaded comprehensive marketing, packaging, and sales strategies, while overseeing national sales teams. His collaborative approach and innate understanding of consumer behavior have allowed him to forge successful partnerships with national and regional retailers, e-commerce platforms, and distributors throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. With a focus on results and a deep-rooted passion for driving business growth, Curt has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes throughout his expansive career. His ability to navigate complex market dynamics and leverage his extensive network sets him apart as a true industry leader, earning him the utmost respect and admiration within the consumer goods landscape.

Stewart Mitchell

Vice President National Accounts

Stewart brings a wealth of expertise to the Perennial Group, with over 25 years in sales, marketing, strategy, change management, and retail. Stewart's previous roles include serving as Senior Vice President at Funai Corporation TV Division. Prior to that, he served as Chief Strategy Officer and Board Director at Sharp Electronics Corporation, overseeing B2C and B2B sales channels in consumer electronics and business technology products. Throughout his career, Stewart has held significant positions, including Vice President of US Channel Sales at Oki Data, Vice President of Merchandising at The Wiz (a leading technology retailer), and various executive positions at Macy's Inc. These experiences have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape and a proven ability to drive growth and success.

Ross Sortino

Canada Sales

Ross is a highly motivated and dynamic entrepreneur with a strong passion for creating and growing products and brands while achieving exceptional sales results. With over 17 years of extensive experience in the North American retail market, Ross has gained valuable insights from various roles, including both buying and selling within recognized organizations. Whether it's sourcing, sales, product development, account management, packaging design, or marketing strategies, Ross possesses a wealth of resources to not only meet but surpass customer expectations, ensuring desired outcomes are achieved.

Greg Winter

Canada Sales

With a track record of 22 years in executive management, sales, and distribution within North America, Greg brings brand building and category development expertise to the table. He has previously held significant roles such as National Accounts Manager for a multi-divisional international manufacturing company and Manager of Retail Purchasing for Hartco – CompuSmart. At the Perennial Group, Greg harnesses his extensive industry knowledge to focus on corporate profitability and growth targets. He achieves this by proactively expanding existing sales channels and concurrently exploring new avenues of potential business.

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